Welcome to my new-look healthy food blog Pepper & Pineapple (formerly Tales from the Barefoot Kitchen)! A little bit about me, I’m Melissa, and like most people, I like food. Wait, no scrap that. I love food!

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m often found behind a desk, running my own marketing and copywriting business. After years of following other blogs, and writing blogs on behalf of other people, and businesses, I thought I would attempt to use my own free time to share my own food-related musings.

I love cooking, and I truly find it to be one of the best ways of relaxing, whether I’m finding inspiration from a cookery book, or just experimenting, in a mad scientist kind of way – and it’s usually the latter! 🙂

I’m not a ‘foodie’, or a chef, but I do believe in simple, tasty, healthy and honest food using great ingredients. I’m lucky that my heritage is Filipino, Italian, English, Spanish and Japanese – so to say I’m a melting pot, is something else!   Growing up with so many different food influences has given me a taste to go and explore food. And trust me, a meal with my family is anything but boring!

My recipes, and of course my family’s recipes are easy, yet delicious. My belief is to get the best ingredients you can get your hands on and to not over complicate things – in my experience, this is where I usually go wrong.

I really hope you enjoy my recipes, and my often misguided musings regarding all things food-related. Feel free to get in touch, we can be food friends. Just drop me a line at melissa@pepperandpineapple.com.

Thanks for following me on my food journey.

Melissa x

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